I’m am thrilled to have a yoga studio of this caliber in Loveland! I attended class last night and, even on opening day, the class was perfectly sequenced to challenge us to make the most of our practice. I felt very comfortable–everyone was kind, knowledgeable and laid back. I often feel self-conscious in new settings, particularly in settings where I have to have some level of coordination 🙂 but I felt right at home at LC Yoga. Thank you, LC Yoga, for coming to our community! We needed you!
— Juliana Pickering Dahl

I have been waiting for a yoga studio near my house for 3 years! I have been going to LC Yoga all week and the teachers are amazing! I already feel better spiritually, physically and emotionally! Thank you so much!
— Mariah Puckett

LC Yoga got me started on a path I had never tried before. And I have to say I could not be more pleased with the team and my classmates!

Thank you for creating a great space for us to practice together.

I am growing a great deal already, and feel great after every class.
— Kyle V

This place is beautiful. Lots of different instructors with their own unique style, all very helpful and caring. They take the time with you as an individual, making sure you are at ease and feeling comfortable, at the same time encouraging you to do your very best. The instructors are what makes this place so awesome.
— Rebecca Leqve

The space is beautiful, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the retail selection is adorable! I will be back to try more of the various style classes, they have unique formats you can’t get at other places.
— Janelle Holter

I love all the classes to choose from and reasonable hours that works with my schedule. They are always so welcoming and helpful!
— Samantha Hilton Hutchinson

Tried lots of yoga studios and this one is my favorite. Great classes and amazing instructors.
— Brooke Wichmann

Really enjoying the beginners class!! Everyone has been very kind and helpful!!
— Tenille Wiliams-Mischler