LC Classes

Our classes vary from gentle to vigorous. Take a gentle class, and you’ll walk away feeling relaxed and light. Take a vigorous class, you’ll be drenched in sweat when you walk out the door and definitely feel it tomorrow. Choose what you need!

Yoga Basics


 Breathe, align, and simplify in this beginner-friendly class. Designed to increase mental calm, awaken the heart, and gently build strength and flexibility in the body, this is the ideal class for new students, returning students, and those wanting to strengthen their foundation.

Slow Flow


Connect to your breath and find meditation in motion in this slow motion vinyasa. Strengthen and stretch the body while relaxing the mind. Walk away feeling radiant, centered, and calm.

Rhythmic Flow


Work up a sweat as you explore new edges and postures in this intermediate vinyasa flow. Strengthen your muscles, relieve stress, and connect within. Savasana is all the sweeter after a little work.

Heated Flow


Get hot and sweat away your worries. Practicing vinyasa in our hot room increases flexibility, strength and stamina. This class reduces stress, detoxes the body, and brings you to a state of flow.

This class is designed to sculpt and activate every major muscle group using a combination of yoga and strength training. Free weights, body weight exercises and cardiovascular training are used to tone the body and build healthy bone density. Finish with relaxation and leave feeling calm, strong, and energized.



Enjoy a slow, deep release of tension in the connective “yin” tissues of the body. Unwind blockages in the body and mind through powerful long-held floor postures. Yin yoga replenishes the energy centers of the body and creates a calm mind.



Experience healing and relaxation through a calming sequence of restorative postures. Longer holds and the use of blankets, pillows, and sandbags offer total support in this nourishing class. Walk away with replenished energy and a calmer, more resilient nervous system.



Kundalini yoga, also called the yoga of awareness, is a fast and effective way to clear the mind, energize the body, and uplift the spirit. Kundalini yoga classes use rhythmic movements in conjunction with deep stretches, breathing techniques, and meditation. Students will feel energized, relaxed, and uplifted after each class.



Viniyoga is an adaptive alignment-based class that encourages students to practice at their own pace and level. Breath awareness enhances the sequence of postures. Stimulate the circulatory system and generate warmth in the body by flowing in a dynamic sequence of postures. This class supports the reprograming of habitual movement patterns to move more functionally, both on and off the mat.





Align your body, mind, and spirit. In this class we strengthen the body and mind through therapeutic yoga postures, breathing practices, and meditation. This class often utilizes the yoga wall to support your alignment and help release tension from the muscles and mind. Practice will include longer holds in some postures, and some elements of flow. You’ll leave class feeling strong and attuned.

This yoga class concentrates on correct alignment and body posture using the both Hatha class structure and the Yoga Wall with straps to support the body. The combination helps focus on creating space and building strength within, as the wall supports your depth of movement.

Yoga Wall


Find your bliss in this adventurous class for students looking to get upside down. In aerial yoga, we use a soft fabric trapeze to explore inversions, backbends, and new yoga postures — without straining the neck, back, or shoulders. This class reduces stress and tension around our joints, especially the spine. Aerial conditions and tones the body while offering you a whole new perspective.

Must Pre-Register for this class (6 spots available)

24 hour notice cancellation 

Autopay members classes are included in monthly unlimited, Punch Pass holders standard punch per class

Aerial Yoga